Style of these devices and treatments is the perfect ally to get the best results in the treatment of cellulite and other aesthetic problems of the body. Clinical outcomes:
1. can lose body contour approximately 4 cm during 12 meetings (and according to different characteristics and nature of each other's body).
2. Adrar urine in 100% of cases treated (with advice to drink a lot of water in the treatment period).
3. improved symptoms of the circulatory system of the body.
4. a marked improvement in the quality of the treated area and appearance.

Session intensive Mezotherapy to remove excess fat from specific areas in addition to tightening sagging: The unit is the fullest and most
versatile in their uses in the field of body and beauty treatments includes obesity and cellulite and tensile strength and body sculpting and solve the problems of fatty deposits in addition to activating lymphatic drainage and blood flow in the body.
Session break down fat and Tkhsaisha with body stretching through the Dermosonic and device BODYTER: Working on cracking the fat and
disassembled to facilitate the process of their and burned, in addition to thermal stimulation of the body through a break silicon issued infrared
wavelength specific works to remove cellulite with polishing the surface of the body through treatment exercise sports physical muscles yielding
relaxing at the same time