Takes care of the body's natural Moroccan bath, it also equipped with steam, and natural products are used (Moroccan), depending on the type
of each skin, as well as the tools used for bath only once. And the Moroccan bath natural many benefits, it is founded on lighten the pores, and
stimulates circulation, and removes dead skin, and liquidate the skin.

Traditional Moroccan Bath: Works to remove dead skin and fat on the skin by skin Natural Moroccan special (black soap + white natural soap)
and also work Scrap or peeling sponge Moroccan special body under the supervision of specialized Moroccan labor and called the Moroccan language talk (Altksal).
Moroccan Bath VIP: The same features in the (Traditional Moroccan Bath) in addition to a range of natural herbs (lavender, roses, ....) and be
put Masque of the body after working bath with steam to bloom pores and is absorbed body and of its benefits to remove fatigue, helps to
remove the effects of acne in the back, reducing muscle and joint pain, internal body go cold, helps to stimulate blood circulation, ......
Steam bath with lemon casing and hot chocolate: Helps to melt the fat and drain toxins from the tissues of the skin, and make you feel
comfortable and psychologicalrelaxation in addition to the acquisition of the body skin smell smelt.