Haircut VIP:
Washing hair after cutting or earlier as the case may be and desire in a private room in addition to massage feet for ten minutes.
Shaving chin VIP: Private room with massage feet for ten minutes and the use of special preparations carefully and shaving the chin.
Hands and feet care VIP: Cut nails and remove the skin around with exfoliation of dead cells and the same steps with legs Cream lighten dark areas and remove dead skin in addition to the cover paraffin for hands and Legs nutritious and humidifier.
Skin Diagnoses: Diagnosis of the skin condition on a special device.
Cleaning Skin VIP: A deep cleaning of the skin with nutrients (vitamins) and a special mask. Additionally foot massage for relaxation.
Whitening mask and freshness: Use milk and toner with a mask and skin-lightening cream for 20 minutes.
Remove wax hair under the arms: With a moisturizing cream to prevent irritation.
Oil bath: Moisturizing cream and nourishing the hair from your (Maekeromist) value is determined by the length of the hair.
Reflexology Massage: Pressing for an hour at certain points in the legs to improve the performance of natural body functions.

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